Start with the Floor is where contractors, architects, and building owners come to appreciate, learn and discuss everything about resinous floors. From the specification, installation, and the entire lifestyle of different resinous flooring options.

Everywhere you go and everything you do is atop some type of flooring. This site encourages you to look down, and appreciate everything that goes into starting with the floor.

There’s a lot more to resinous flooring than just protecting the substrate below. It can be beautiful, unique, and above all durable. Additional added benefits to industrial, commercial and manufacturing areas are slip resistance, increased safety through design and easy cleanup.

Start with the Floor is provided by Dur-A-Flex, Inc who has more than 50 years of extensive knowledge in seamless flooring systems. From primers & sealers, membrane & crack fillers, resurfaces & performance top coats – the team at Dur-A-Flex has the experience and knowledge to suggest the right floor for any application.

To discover more about what we do and explore the entire product line visit us at

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